What's on the menu?

Jolien Schepers now works with a team of skin therapists, who she carefully selected and trained individually. All with their very own expertise (from skin aging to acne) and that Skin Therapy touch. Creating a nourishing environment through internal health to enable every skin to function both optimally and innately. The gateway to ultimate beauty – both inside and out. 

Signature Sculpting

75 min – € 99

Sculpted cheekbones, soft-focus skin. This signature facial, developed by founder Jolien Schepers, will give your skin an instant glow and facial firmness thanks to loving, targeted hand strokes. This powerful deep tissue massage to tone and activate facial muscles offers you a ‘natural facelift’ that lasts for days. A facial massage like this one will give your skin a collagen boost, which makes it look all plump and youthful. This elaborate facial treatment will be tailored to your needs (whether you desire more taut eye contours or a tighter jawline) with the latest in non-invasive methods. Not to mention, this hour spend at Skin Therapy offers a much-needed escape from your busy day-to-day to fully recharge and rejuvenate. 

Natural Pro-Aging Facial


Aging is a beautiful, wondrous process which we shouldn’t want to shy away from. At the same time, yes, you want to age in the most glorious way – and why shouldn’t you. Deeply, but delicately exfoliating skin is one of the keyways to keep skin looking healthy and youthful. We offer the PRX peeling – with a cocktail of potent actives like hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), trichloroacetic acid and kojic acid – to renew and restore radiance and skin elasticity. It even ensures a continuous stimulation and production of collagen and elastin fibers, so skin continues to look nice and firm. After the treatment your face will look instantly smooth with a golden glow.

Micro Needling

 € 150

Micro needling is an impressive, non-injectable way to tighten, brighten, plump and get that glass skin that is raved about in Korean skincare circles. We opted for the GoldPen, which is the safest way of micro needling to date which offers efficient, laser-sharp precision. During treatment small, sterile needles softly vibrate on your skin to create microscopic, quick-healing wounds deep in the dermis. This induces a cascade of events for your skin to respond and subsequently produces more collagen and elastin, the building blocks of youthful skin. It also reduces acne scars, diminishes fine lines and refines pores. Bonus: it doesn’t require any downtime.    

Mind & Skin Healing

75 min – € 120

‘Beautiful, radiant skin isn’t just the product of a dedicated skincare practice, but also of how you feel inside your body, in your skin, during your time here on Earth’, is founder Jolien Schepers’ philosophy. Therefore, this signature facial treatment exclusive to Skin Therapy is all about relaxing facial tension, infusing your precious skin with the best of custom-blended, natural and incredibly potent active ingredients, letting your mind drift off and open up. An intuitive offering, performed by Schepers herself, that is the ultimate gift to yourself, a friend or family member.  

Inflamed Skin Relief

60 min – € 95

In today’s modern world more and more people suffer from skin allergies, eczema and acne. All of this means that your skin is inflamed, triggered by an immune response in your body. No need to stress (which only leads to more inflammation), we are here to help. This relaxing facial treatment is designed to deeply sooth and calm inflamed skin. Step one: a double cleanse to thoroughly rid skin of impurities. Step two: various facial techniques including a very delicate lymph facial massage (using hands and healing crystals, some of them in the shape of a gua sha) to release toxins. Lymphatic drainage massage, which incorporates the subtlest of touch, encourages the flow and circulation of the lymph. The end result: a decreased number of toxins in your body, and therefore a body that is fully cleansed. Take a deep breath, let it all out and grant your body and mind the time and space to restore. Soothed, happy skin is in your future.

The Skin Bar (coming soon)

30 min – € 50

For anyone who’s in a bit of a time crunch yet takes regular skin upkeep real serious – because that’s the secret to gorgeous skin that lasts after all – we are excited to present: The Skin Bar. Pop into one of our chairs during lunch or in between errands for a quick power workout for your skin, Skin Therapy’s signature ‘muscle tuning’. Our devoted specialists will massage and this way target and train your facial muscles with a signature hand sculpting technique that tones, tightens and lifts your face in 30 minutes (with 10 minutes consultation apart from this). It boosts collagen (the building block for a taut complexion) and improves lymphatic drainage to keep puffy, tired-looking skin at bay. Perfect before a special event, when you just need to zone out and as part of your regular skincare routine. For optimal results in the long run, we recommend this short, highly effective treatment once a week or every other week. Subscribe to our The Skin Bar and give new life to your face. You’re in safe, specialized hands.